we all have our own mountains to climb.

mountains watercolor



Heavy mountains they are,

High and low,

Treacherous and winding,


in this journey that we claim from birth.


It’s important to remember that we all have our own struggles and fears to overcome. It is far too easy to pass judgement on someone’s actions than it is to acknowledge that, perhaps, we don’t fully know everything that it takes to do a certain task.

One of my personal struggles is being gregarious in social interactions with new people. Sometimes I may come off as cold, but in reality I am just really shy when I first meet new people. My mountain is to overcome, or at least diminish this feeling of anxiousness and shyness. :)

Whatever your mountain may be, I am confident you can climb it. Imagine the glory of conquering it.

Can you taste it?

Can you feel it?

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