Listen to the voice within.

Do not dismiss your soul.

My dear readers,

 I love trees and I love painting them! To me, they are representative of so many incredible things. I like to think of them as a connection between the heavenly (skies) and the real (ground). It is a beautiful balance and a wonderful reminder that we should try to balance things in our lives.

Turns out yoga has a tree pose and it happens to be my favorite one! :)

So often we listen and observe the external world and do what others think we should do. We may silence our voice within, dismiss our dreams, but they will always be there, buried within the depths of our soul. The more we disregard our dreams, the unhappier we become. We may pretend on the surface that we are ok, that we will just settle for whatever we can get…but the soul always knows, it will always be aware of your unfulfilled and undisclosed desires.

Listen to the voice within,


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